How to change your VLC Media Player skin?

Hello in the previous article, I showed you how to install VLC media player and instructions on how to use VLC player.This article will guide you how to change the interface (skins) for VLC media player.With gorgeous skin and free VideoLan, you will have moments of great entertainment.

We have 4 step to change your VLC media player skin:

Instruction: To change the VLC media player interface you need an Internet connection and have installed VLC player

Step 1: Go to the skin page of VLC media player

– This is the skin page:

– All VLC media player skin is Free.


Step 2: Choose your favorite vlc player skin

– We have many skin to choose, you can find and choose a vlc skin you like.
– I like AlienWare, so i will choose AlienWare skin (very nice).
– After you select your favorite vlc player skin, click left mouse button on thumbnail of your skin.


– A popup display with skin demo picture you just choose, and give you link download your vlc skin to your computer.


Step 3: Download your skin vlc media player to your computer.

– Click left mouse button to Download link to start download your skin


– In case your skin don’t auto Download, VideoLan will redirect you to a Directory, you will see more skill located in there, now you search with your skin name and download file skin with extension (.vlt), see image below:


– Choose a location to save the file on your computer and click Save to start the download vlc player skins


– After the download is completed, you will see your skin file like this


Step 4: Setup to change you vlc media player skin

– Open VLC player to begin active your skin.
– At this time VLC player is the default interface, as image below:

– From the VLC player menu click on Tools, then select Preferances


– The Simple Preferences windows appear, allows you to change the skin


– Click left mouse button to [Use custom skin], then click on [Choose…] to find the location that skin you just downloaded, then select the VLC Player skin file and click Open


– After you click Open, your skin was changed, now click Save and restart your VLC Media Player to see new Interface


– Finally, this is the result that we have achieved a very beautiful new skin.


  • You can download and install more skins to VLC media player to be used when needed without internet connection